• Heating type: Central
  • Commisioned: Yes
  • Air conditioning
  • Lift

340 sq.m and 850 sq.m. of the office space on the 4-th and 5-th floor of Aloja Business Centre in Krisjana Valdemara Street, Riga, where the Luminor Bank is located, are offered for rent. The business centre conforms to the A+ highest-quality category of office centers. Among its current lessees are the Luminor Bank, the law office “Klavins Ellex” and the Latvian representative office of the giant of Russian chemical industry “Uralchem”.
The Aloja Business Centre was put into operation in 2009, being one of the most distinctive buildings of this type in Riga. The building was created out of environmentally-friendly materials, it is of a very high energy-efficiency level and accessible to the people with special needs. The building is distinct also in its six-level underground parking space, being a unique engineering project and the deepest parking space in the Baltic countries. Its lowest level is at the depth of 12 meters under Krisjana Valdemara street.
The quality and modern design of the office building is confirmed by numerous awards it was granted, e.g. The Best Building of the Year in Latvia (2009)”, The Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia, etc.
The building includes a staff canteen, a reception office and fully-equipped conference rooms.
Air-processing facilities in office spaces are installed in the double floor and equipped with the system of local automatic control, with air inflows being controlled by zonal ventilators to ensure individual temperature control in each zone of the office space.
Electrical sockets are placed in the double floor, and cable connections reach each workplace. The building is provided with autonomous electricity supply system, ensuring continuous electricity supply also in case of breakdowns.
Lighting in the working area of office spaces is 500 lx. The glass façade of the building is supplemented with energy saving elements, the southern part of the building - with remote control exterior blinds. The building includes the alarm system, the control room, electronic keys.