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Corporate real estate transactions

Our team of commercial property brokers is specialized in real estate transactions for business purposes (offices, warehouses, retail and production facilities, different types of investment property such as office buildings, residential homes, and residential villages, etc.).

Real estate broker for your company

Fill out the application form so that the real estate broker being the most suited with the specificic nature, position of your business and type of transaction will consult with you. That broker will do his or her best to help you conclude a final transaction.

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Full range of services

As a customer of Latio you will have special privileges and can use services provided by any Latio related company.

  • Real estate valuation according to specific type of leasing, selling, buying or investing.
  • Legal advice such as processing of transaction, drafting, reviewing and advising on transaction-specific documents.
  • Market analysis is a strategic tool in decision-making process. We will provide a market analysis from any perspective you need.
  • Land surveying and other services provided by Metrum.

Why should you use Latio commercial property brokers

  • A full range of services.
  • A comprehensive real estate database including exclusive properties, which are not publicly available.
  • Many years of experience and knowledge under non-standard conditions as well.
  • Accuracy and competence in real estate transactions that was also recognised by one of top leaders in real estate industry „Cushman & Wakefield” that named Latio as one of the best partners in Latvia.
  • We have assisted our customers to finalise multi-million Euro deals.

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