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Real estate transactions

We offer a full range of real estate (apartments, houses, new project developments, land, etc.) brokerage to individuals. We help conclude successful and beneficial real estate transactions to: Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Lessors.

Your personal adviser

Irrespective of the type of real estate transaction you intend to conclude, we recommend you fill out an application form so that a specialised Latio broker with expertise in your area of concern will contact you. That broker will do his or her best to assist you in concluding a successful transaction.

Application form:

Full range of services

Throughout our cooperation you will have special privileges and you can use services provided by any Latio related company:

How to tell a good broker from a bad one

Find out what differentiates a good real estate agent from a bad agent. The professional will help you save time, conclude a good deal and will advise you so that you can make the best decisions.

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Why one should cooperate with a Latio broker

  •  A full range of services like valuation, legal services, land surveying, etc.
  •  A comprehensive real estate database.
  •  Many years of experience and knowledge under non-standard conditions as well.
  •  Accuracy and competence in real estate transactions.

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