Private house for sale
  • Heating type: Autonomous
  • Sewerage: Autonomous
  • Commisioned: Yes
  • Water-supply: Autonomous
  • Garage
  • Outbuilding
  • Exterior finishing: Thermal insulation and plaster
  • Cellar
  • Number of bathrooms: 5
  • Fireplace
  • Bath-house
  • Winter house

The Easter Island weekend home at Kaltene

• A jewel of global architecture in a unique location
• Elegant minimalism between the sea and the land
• The highest standard of modern comforts
• A private seasonal dock for yachts and a helicopter landing pad

For sale: An exclusive and internationally recognised property in Latvia – the Easter Island weekend home in Kaltene!

The project was launched in 2006 by the globally renowned architect Zaiga Gaile, and for the past decade the weekend home has been considered to be one of the most outstanding examples of modern architecture in the world, as confirmed by various architectural and design prizes.

The building is in a unique place – a man-made island in the Gulf of Rīga next to the beach in Kaltene. The island is linked to the coast by a 300-metre stone breakwater. The building offers an industrial environment complete with the highest standards of 21st century comfort. Toward the sea from the building is the Nautilus sauna. The house has a total floor space of 514 m2.

The building includes:
• A living room with a kitchen and leisure zone
• Five bedrooms (one master, four guest)
• Five working rooms (one master, four guest)
• A garage for two cars
• An apartment for the property manager (above the garage)

The interior features pure and minimalistic style, as created by an exclusive collection of interior objects. Mrs Gaile has written a book about the reconstruction of the building and the interior design of the house, focusing a great deal on the design objects that have been purchased for the home.

The two-story “Nautilus” swimming building is covered in stainless steel plates to resemble a submarine. The lower level is for the storage of beach equipment, while upstairs is a sauna with dressing rooms, showers and an outdoor balcony with a hot tub. The sauna offers a lovely view of the vast sea, and a ramp from the sauna leads directly to the sandy beach where people can swim and sunbathe undisturbed.

There is a yacht dock by Easter Island that is included in the international register as a private, seasonal port. At the front of the house is a helicopter landing pad made of concrete plates.

Kaltene is a village in the Talsi Administrative District on the western shore of the Gulf of Rīga, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The distance to Rīga is 119 km, and the distance to the nearest town, Roja, is 7 km. The beach at Kaltene offers a wonderful place for quiet leisure and pleasant isolation throughout the year.

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The project: Reconstruction of the pumping station of a fishery operation, 2006
Construction: 2007-2010
Builder: SIA PS Serviss
Land: 10,067 m2
Floor space of the home: 514.2 m2
Floor space of the sauna building: 52.45 m2
Talsi Administrative District, Roja Parish, village of Kaltene
Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Agnese Sirmā
Client: Māris Gailis