Photo project

The Latio team respect art and especially treasure photography. 

For several years within our photo projects we support and help to create photographs it has become a favorite tradition for us, our clients, partners, and artists: Latio black-and-white photography calendar and Latvia Photography Award of the Year.

Latio photo-calendar

It is the fifteenth year since Latio started developing and issuing exclusive calendars consisting of black-and-white photographs, each calendar being published in a limited edition - 1000 copies. 
Each year there are different formatting and means of expression, but the core value has never changed – high-quality black-and-white photography!

Calendars are worth being collected over the years and have become to be a permanent value in the history of Latvian photography. Included are works of authors from several generations, some of them dedicated to well-known masters of photography – Andrejs Grants, Gvido Kajons, Mārcis Bendiks, Gunārs Binde, Vilhelms Mihailovskis, Valdis Brauns, Pēteris Jaunzems.