Residential brokerage

Residential brokerage
Evija Dzenīte
Head of Residential Brokerage Department
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Klientu atsauksmes
We recently bought a property in Salacgriva Region with the help of the Latio company and were pleasantly surprised by the excellent service. We are especially grateful to the agent Atis Skrastiņš for his responsiveness and professionalism in resolving our questions and wishes. Many thanks!
Ģirts, thanks a lot for the advice! You always know the shortest and most coherent way to the best solution! I think that your long-standing experience working with people on a daily basis is very essential. Latio benefits a lot from employees like you!
For anyone who wants to close a real estate deal, I heartily recommend Diana Danilovich as an agent. Diana is the most professional, knowledgeable agent. She does her job with the utmost sense of responsibility and very carefully. Very intelligent, communicative. Glad that Latio real estate has such a professional employee. I wish Diana and the whole team of Latio real estate a successful future!
Natālija P.
We would like to express our gratitude to the estate agent Elīna Dūce for her high level of professionalism as well as prompt reaction to extraordinary situations having arisen during our cooperation. Elīna is highly competent, always keeping calmness. She has excellent soft skills in communication with different people. She does her best and even more than expected from her. We are happy to have had successful cooperation with the company Latio.
D. D.
transaction for purchase of real estate (apartment), signing of the sales contract and completion of other formalities. I was provided for the necessary information and explanations about the transaction procedure, several showings of apartments were arranged, consultations were provided and document flow was organized between representatives of Latio, Luminor and Altum. The cooperation was accurate, fast and customer-friendly.
Roman, thank you from the bottom of my heart for cooperation. My property turned out to be very problematic in terms of collecting and preparing documents, and the transaction dragged on for almost a year. But thanks to your high competence, professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, legal scrupulousness, responsible attitude at each stage of the transaction, everything ended in the best way for me and my buyers. I will gladly recommend you to my friends.
Elvira L.
I recommend Latio real estate agency. Thanks to real estate agent Taras Gumenyuk, who showed a high level of professionalism in his field, knowledge of Latvian, English, and Russian languages, ​​and good personal qualities, the real estate transaction went smoothly.
I acquired a 'kopīpašums' (co-ownership) property through Latio. This was a novel experience for me, but the agent - Taras Gumenyuk - explained the process in great detail, kept me updated at all stages and answered my many questions with patience and professionalism. He speaks English very well, and was a pleasure to communicate with. I recommend Taras (and Latio in general) highly!
Elvira L.
I recommend Latio Real Estate agency. Thanks to real estate agent Taras Gumenyuk, who showed a high level of professionalism in his field, knowledge of Latvian, English and Russian languages, and good personal qualities, the real estate transaction went smoothly.
Ieva D
This collaboration was a new experience for me. I didn't even imagine how one woman could have such a positive impact on such an important stage in my life, like buying a home. Diana Danilovich pleasantly surprised me with her passion for her work. It says a lot. Her enthusiasm, understanding of human nature, and ability to understand the client - it's amazing. And of course, her professionalism and knowledge - she shared them and helped me find my home, where I am happy. During our collaboration, I also appreciated her enthusiasm for the industry and determination. Diana keeps up with the latest trends, current issues, and continues to study them. If I have the opportunity, I will recommend her to every woman as an agent. My experience also showed that collaboration with Diana can inspire, educate, and make everything much easier in the home buying process. A heartfelt thank you to Diana and the entire wonderful team at Latio!
Tatjana P.
I would like to express my gratitude to the business manager, Inese Krieva. She has shown high professionalism, excellent communication, and organizational skills. Everything was accomplished very quickly and efficiently. She is reachable at any time. Thank you for your help and good work!
Liene A.
I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Dace Majevska, one of your agents, for the invaluable support and assistance she provided to me during a challenging period in my life. Circumstances forced me to sell my real estate due to the inability to continue loan payments. With her professional, and I must emphasize, humane approach, Dace not only found the best buyer and helped me navigate in this entirely unacquainted sphere of real estate transactions but also fostered a truly positive, engaged, and supportive atmosphere in this, to me, utterly unfamiliar and incomprehensible field. I express my greatest gratitude to Dace and I know that if I ever need the help of an estate agent again, I will call Dace Majevska.
Ģirts O.
I have always worked only with Latio, and I am genuinely pleased that over time, the quality of service remains consistently high
Daiga G.
Latio employees, specifically in our case Ināra Grīnberga, did everything possible to sell the real estate at the highest possible price. Always reachable, and always provided information on the progress of the sale, who the interested parties were, and what to focus on. Everything said was justified and understandable. All transaction documents were quickly arranged. I recommend. Many thanks!
Inta B.
The task was difficult - to sell land in conditions that are not favorable for such transactions. Therefore, initially, it seemed to me that the broker had doubts about how the sale would go. However, reasonable cooperation, without unnecessary hindrance to each other, resulted in remarkable success, and the sale was completed at, in my opinion, a reasonable price and with a friendly approach from the "Latio" side. I am happy and grateful for it.
Maija K.
This time, just like when purchasing the property, I chose to continue working with the excellent consultant Elīna Dūce when leasing the property. I am very grateful for the professional work and efficiency - the process went very quickly, and within two weeks, there were already tenants in the property. The entire legal aspect - the contract, the handover protocol, and even advice on how to register the transaction with the State Revenue Service - was clear, understandable, and precise. There is a complete sense of security that everything is being done correctly! It motivates me to continue engaging in real estate projects when such great and significant support is available! Thank you again!
Lauma V.
Thank you to the appraiser Uldis from the Saldus branch! Everything was fast, pleasant cooperation!
Liene A.
Rakstu, lai izteiktu pateicību Jūsu uzņēmuma darbiniecei Dacei Majevskai. Nonācu situācijā, kad nespējot turpināt maksāt kredītu, biju spiesta pārdot nekustamo īpašumu. Dace ar savu profesionālo un uzsveru cilvēcīgo attieksmi, ne tikai atrada labāko pircēju un palīdzēja orientēties man tik svešajā nekustamo īpašumu darījumu sfērā, bet radīja patiesi pozitīvu, ieinteresētu un atbalstošu gaisotni šajā ,man tik nezināmajā un nesaprotamā jomā. Izsaku vislielāko pateicību Dacei un zinu, ja man vēl kādreiz būs vajadzīga māklera palīdzība, tad zvanīšu Dacei Majevskai.
Evija Dzenīte
Head of Residential Brokerage Department
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