LATIO Real Estate Agency

LATIO is the most experienced real estate agency in Latvia providing a full cycle of real estate transactions, starting from searching for a property of any type (apartments, homes, land plots, offices, retail space, industrial facilities and commercial real estate, forests and farmland) or sale promotion, and finishing with valuation, legal assistance in registration of the transaction, land surveying and other services.

If you are looking for reliable real estate companies to help you sell, buy, rent or lease a property, choose LATIO, and you will receive professional services and consultations from the leading industry experts.

LATIO – a reliable real estate company in Latvia

LATIO is one of the most experienced real estate companies in Latvia, in business since 1991. Close-knit teamwork, knowledge, competence and satisfied clients are our major cornerstones. The high level of competence and professionalism of the team members has contributed to the company's long-term success in the Latvian real estate business. This is why LATIO is able to deliver our clients top-quality services in real estate transactions.

Services of LATIO Real Estate Agency

LATIO Real Estate Agency provides a full range of services to individuals and legal entities in real estate field. Our real estate agents will help you to implement the most awarding transactions, saving you time. We deliver:

- brokerage services in transactions with residential property and commercial real estate;

- property valuation services;

- market analysis;

- competitive biddings and auctions;

- customized services for investors;

- valuation and brokerage services in the forest and farmland sector;

- as well as other services provided by our professional team.

Looking to buy or sell real estate? Valuation required? Looking for competent experts in real estate transactions? LATIO Real Estate Agency will help you! Contact our real estate agents now and get free advice from industry professionals and top-quality services to achieve your real estate goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What services does LATIO Real Estate Agency provide?

LATIO Real Estate Agency provides a full range of services in real estate transactions for legal entities and individuals: real estate services for residential property, commercial real estate and forests (purchase, sale, rent), property valuation, legal services, market analysis, auctions and competitive biddings, and other real estate services.

Does LATIO real estate company offer services all over Latvia?

Yes, for your convenience, the real estate company LATIO offers services in the field of real estate in Latvia - we have more than 150 professionals working from 12 offices in different cities of Latvia.

Are LATIO real estate agency consultations fee-based?

No, the initial consultations of LATIO real estate brokers and valuers are free of charge. The commission for brokerage services is charged after the property is sold or let.

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