Choose to work for Latio and climb the career ladder!

Latio is one of the most experienced real estate companies in Latvia with a broad international experience.

If you want to build a successful career in the real estate industry, join our team as:
  • Real estate agent;
  • Real estate appraiser.

How to apply for the desired vacancy?

Send your CV and cover letter by e-mail to: 
If you want to gain experience – use internship opportunities

You can send your application to the above e-mail. If we have an internship place – we will get back to you.

What does working for Latio means to us?

Stability and prestige

Good reputation of Latio provides every employee with a smooth cooperation process as well as increased partners’ and customers' trust, you just have to use it smartly!

A wide range of career opportunities

A team of more than 100 professionals work as appraisers, residential and commercial property agents, lease, rent, investment experts and lawyers at Latio. Everyone here has the opportunity to grow professionally and increase their skills.

New knowledge

On a regular basis, every Latio employee updates their expertise in various training sessions and gets acquainted with the latest market surveys, ensuring a good knowledge of the real estate business.

International experience

A large part of everyday real estate operations involves international experience, so each employee receives comprehensive and indispensable skills and capabilities in this field.

Responsive and competent team

We have the best specialists in the real estate business, who gladly share their knowledge with colleagues while giving a personal perspective on experiences.