A Valuable Service for Rental Housing Owners

The demand for rental apartments in Latvia continues to rise. Renting out real estate is an excellent way to secure a steady income, though it demands time, patience, and a deep understanding of the current housing market and legal intricacies. Maximize your most valuable asset wisely - spare yourself the hassle and entrust property rental matters to us! Latio goes beyond just finding a suitable tenant; we also provide comprehensive, long-term real estate supervision.

Our seasoned team of real estate specialists is dedicated to overseeing the extended rental of your property. From determining an optimal rental price to tenant selection and managing the nuances that arise, we ensure the swift resolution of any issues.

What does Latio's rental property supervision service include?

A thorough property survey and consultation to help owners determine an optimal monthly rent that aligns with the market.

•  Tenant selection through the dissemination of information in the Latio database and external communication channels. We organize property inspections and, where possible, assess the tenant's solvency and reputation.

•  Preparation of the rent agreement and assistance with registering the agreement in the Land Registry and the State Revenue Service. Additionally, we offer legal and tax consultations.

•  Issuing warnings to tenants in case of late payments.

•  Handling communication with tenants on all matters related to the use of the premises (electricity, sewage, plumbing, etc.).

•  Engaging professional repair services and coordinating repairs if necessary.

•  Scheduled inspections of the premises during the rental period by agreement.

•  Acceptance of premises upon rent expiry and preparation for the next tenant.

Latio's rental property supervision service is especially beneficial for owners who reside abroad permanently and are unable to conduct regular inspections or those with multiple rental apartments (portfolios).

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