Join Us for the Open Door Event at Mežaparka Lofti and 13 Zeļļu Street Housing Project!

Let's Start with the Conversation!

On Saturday, September 30th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, as part of the City 24 Open Door Marathon, our team of Latio experts will be delighted to present two of our ongoing apartment projects. Additionally, they will be on hand to address any inquiries you may have about mortgage loan options from various credit institutions, as well as the possibilities for purchasing or renting a home that aligns with your budget and the factors that influence property values. Expect to receive professional guidance and personalized offers right on the spot, at both the Mežaparka Lofti project located at Inčukalna Street and in Pārdaugava, at 13 Zeļļu Street, just across from the Friča Brīvzemnieka Primary School.

Both of these projects come with exclusive incentives for apartment purchases made during the Open Door event:

- When reserving an apartment at Mežaparka Lofti for over EUR 120,000, you will receive a complimentary parking space, and there will also be an option to buy the apartments through an installment plan.

- If you decide to purchase an apartment at the Āgenskalns project, located at 13 Zeļļu Street, you will receive a bonus of a TV, washing machine, or another gift valued at up to EUR 1,000.

Please don't forget to schedule a convenient time for a personal consultation in advance:

Mežaparka Lofti
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  13 Zeļļu Street, Āgenskalns
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We look forward to welcoming you and starting a fruitful conversation about your housing needs and aspirations. See you on September 30th!

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