Sales of apartments have commenced in a recently renovated project in Āgenskalns - Mārupes Street 6.

For several years, Āgenskalns has been one of the most sought-after and beloved neighborhoods on the left bank of the River Daugava in Riga. It's characterized by charming architecture - the interplay between old wooden buildings and historical brick structures. Cobblestone streets echo with unhurried steps, and the residents of the area are enveloped by a pleasant aura of greenery and tranquillity. It's no coincidence that Āgenskalns is increasingly chosen as a home by both young families and representatives of creative professions and specialists who find inspiration in a well-kept and green environment.

"Āgenskalns seems like a town within a town. The older residents of the neighbourhood still refer to the city centre as the capital and often say “I need to go to Riga” when they have to go there. This speaks to the sense of belonging to their “district”, their part of Riga, carrying a sense of community and pride in the privilege of living in Āgenskalns. This sense of unity is a rarity, something to be proud of and preserved," observes Armands Grīnbergs, Real Estate Agent for Latio.

Expanding the housing offering in the area, eight 2-3 room apartments are available for purchase in a brick-wall building constructed in 1935 at Mārupes Street 6, nestled right next to one of the most notable landmarks in Pārdaugava - the Āgenskalns Market. The project, which recently underwent façade and stairwell renovations, offers quality homes ranging from 54 m² to 60 m². The spaces feature an open layout and natural wood flooring, fostering a sense of openness and creative ambiance. In several homes, living rooms are combined with the kitchen area. All apartments are equipped with high-quality kitchen appliances and spacious cabinets, as well as fully equipped bathrooms. Some apartments are complemented by charming French balconies with delightful views of the idyllic and green Āgenskalns neighbourhood. It is also possible to acquire parking spaces in the building's courtyard.

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