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Latio – a full service real estate company

Together with our affiliates, we are able to provide a full range of services – real estate brokerage (purchase, sale, rent, lease, etc.), appraisals, legal support in finalizing sales, management services, surveying, etc.

Full service with any type of property is what distinguishes Latio from other real estate companies in Latvia.

Why do many Latvian and foreign individuals as well as companies choose Latio services?


We are among the most experienced real estate companies in Latvia, which can be clearly shown in numbers.

  • We have more than 150 employees throughout Latvia
  • 9 Latio offices in various Latvian cities
  • 20,000 finalized real estate transactions
  • More than 80 000 real estate appraisals
  • Database of 5000 diverse real estate offers in Latvia


Teamwork is our biggest strength, the Latio team has specialists and experts from many types of real estate industries who can share their experience and knowledge in non-standard situations. Our united team provides a fast flow of information in the company, and we are able to offer a full service in real estate transactions, while saving your time.

Professional competence

Latio is a member of international associations TEGoVA and FIABCI, as well as a member of LĪVA (Latvian Association of Property Appraisers) and LANĪDA (Latvian Real Estate Association).
We have designed and implemented an appropriate management system according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
In addition to these certificates of competence on a regular basis our experts improve their knowledge in various training sessions, participate in conferences and seminars in both Latvia and abroad (China, Russia, UK, etc.).


Not only is the experience and education of our team is very worthy, but we also research and analyse market trends as carried out by our team of experts. Since 2004 we prepare monthly, quarterly and annual Latvian real estate market analysis. Part of this is available free of charge.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our goal in each of our transactions. Our mission is to provide the client with comprehensive and detailed information so that they can take the best decision. 

Contribution to society

For us Latio is more than the company that specialises on the real estate business. We combine our strengths, knowledge and experience to give good to society.

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