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Overview of Latvian real estate market

We regularly draft comprehensive and impartial overviews of real estate market .

  • The aim of the market overviews we have been issuing is to provide impartial information on the latest developments on the residential and commercial property market and inform you on the factors influencing the market and trends.
  • Our team of experts such as property appraisers, real estate brokers, lawyers, and other professionals analyze pricing dynamics on the real estate market in Riga, around Riga, and in some regions regularly, by highlighting major trends in different market segments on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. 

Detailed overview of real estate market

Order a detailed overview of the real estate market from the perspective you need when planning to invest or vice versa to sell or handle real estate in any other manner.

Market monitoring

Leading Latvian credit institutions order the real estate market monitoring provided by our experts and use in their work for several years already.

Market analysis for project developers

Both Latvian and foreign developers of new projects commission and use the market analysis for drafting their own advertising strategies of the developed property.

Order an overview of real estate market

Market overviews

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