Services for lessees: lease of commercial premises | Latio

We will find a premises for your business.

Our professionalism and experience in the real estate industry enable us to claim that we will help you find not just premises, but the premises for your business.

Premises for business. What does it mean to you?

It means that we will start searching for premises with detailed market research baring in mind the specific nature of your business.

  • We will determine where would be the most appropriate location of the property, taking into account specific nature of your business: large flow of people, spacious parking lot for customers, low lease payment, large storage space, etc as are important to your needs. 
  • We will take the location of competitors under consideration.
  • We will evaluate opportunities, strengths and threats associated with every potential offer.

Exclusive offers

We have an extensive database of exclusive offers. This means that many commercial properties are not publicly available upon the lessors request. This can often be an excellent deal for you.

How we operate

  • We select the best offers complying with your business and your requirements.
  • We provide legal advice.
  • We counsel you throughout our mutual cooperation.

Start cooperation

  • Online inquiry: fill out the inquiry form and our commercial property leasing expert will contact you to select the best fit commercial premises for your business.
  • Contact our broker in order to get more information and to arrange a meeting.

If you wish to know more,

Market analysisread our drafted monthly overview of real estate market in Latvia.

Brokerage fee

There is no fee at all! Latio works according to the best practice in the United States and Western Europe where the property owner covers the brokerage fee.