Apartment for sale Centre (Old Town), Rīga
  • Heating type: Central

A 2-bedroom apartment for sale with a wide terrace, fireplace, and renovated interior. Apartment is located on the third floor of the historic building at Peitavas Str. 5. Entrance hall, two separate bedrooms, dining room merged with kitchen, spacious bathroom, and a walk-in closet that can also be used as a storage room. Ceiling height is 2.85 meters, area of balcony - 14.6 sq.m. New furniture which is included in the price. Comparably low cost of utilities - about 190 EUR per month during winter season. The title to the property comprises undivided shares of land. The property is vacant, free of mortgages and any other liens whatsoever. Putti Art and Jewelry Gallery occupies the ground floor of the building. Peitavas Street (de Pautownestrate) is one of the oldest Vecrīga (Old Town) streets - it dates back to 1568. The street is just 105 meters long, and its biggest jewel is the Sinagogue of Riga that is built and decorated in Art Noveau style. The building at Peitavas Str. 5 was designed by Jewish-Latvian architect Paul Mandelstamm. The apartment offers views of the narrow Old Town streets and rooftops.