Private house for sale Rīga
  • Heating type: Autonomous
  • Gas
  • Material: Stone
  • Sewerage: District
  • Roofing: Tin
  • Commisioned: Yes
  • Water-supply: District
  • Garage
  • Outbuilding
  • Exterior finishing: Thermal insulation and plaster
  • Cellar
  • Fireplace
  • Bath-house
  • Winter house

For sale an elite 19th century villa (Mündel villa) that is enclosed by gardens and may stay unnoticed by an occasional passer-by. A private alley discretely leads along a landscaped park towards the main gates through which the imposing façade can be seen. Behind the front entrance there is a wide hall, splendid guest salons, a dining room, four bedrooms, a study with library and a fireplace, as well as several rooms for relaxation - billiard room, cigar room, TV room and a spacious SPA area with pool and sauna.
Inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance villas, this mansion was designed by architect Edmund von Trompowsky and built in 1887 ordered by the wealthy Riga businessman Johann Wilhelm Mündel.
The villa served as the residence of the Mündel family for several generations, also serving as a venue of large receptions for the family business representations..
Just renovated and expanded, the Villa blends retrospective aesthetic and modern functionality in its architecture. As a result of carefully considered and multi-year work, a strong impression of all-around luxury has been achieved though still providing a comfortable and cozy environment.
The interior design of the rooms is mainly inspired by French and Italian aristocratic culture, while the atmosphere of English clubs is created in some areas. Luxurious wooden wall panels, patterned parquet and stone mosaic flooring, hand-painted stained-glass windows and other sophisticated interior equipment and finishing elements were made by skilled Italian masters from luxury plants such as Boiserie Italia, Martini and Sicis, and local masters from Morozov & Son, etc. The villa’s interior is, in all respects, characterised by application of expensive materials and the impeccable quality of design and artisanal performance.
In front of the house, through a sunny garden of roses and magnolias, the winding paths lead to the summer pavilion on the east side of the garden. In turn, the driveway leads deeper into the villa’s yard - to a summer pavilion on the eastern side of the garden. The area of the villa is enclosed by a tall and exemplary well-maintained hedge that will be appreciated by anonymity seekers.
The villas building, its historic architecture, its sophisticated interior and idyllic natural environment will have a real impact on anyone who will visit here for the first time, and will continue to inspire its new owners day to day.
This exclusive property, located in the heart of Pardaugava, near the park, is only at a stone’s throw away from the Old Town, the airport, the boat moorings on the river, and the sandy beaches of Jurmala.