Multi-residential building Dzintaru prospekts 36, Dzintari, Jūrmala
Project rating
The development rating implies assessment of location, quality of the building, infrastructure, environment, utilities, equipment and uniqueness of the development, as well as advantages reflecting general value of a dwelling against other new developments in Latvia.
Energy efficiency kWh/ m²
Energy performance of a building is the relative amount of energy consumed to provide space heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting and hot water supply in a specific building.
The building is subject to ready-to-use approval

A family ode to the sun in the centre of Jurmala.

NOW APARTMENTS – 3a, 4a, 12a, 16a, 19a, 11b, 12b, 13b, 18b, 19b, 20b, ARE OFFERED AT A SPECIAL PRICE

SUN TERRACES elite apartments with 2-4 bedrooms and wardrobe rooms, several bathrooms and wide terraces, located in the heart of Jurmala - at Dzintaru prospect, offer subtle and harmonious living environment.

Home equipment

The housing complex Sun Terraces is constructed according to modern architectural trends, using modern technologies and meeting the demand - using natural materials. Special, triple glazed windows, ensure excellent sound and heat insulation in the premises. Each apartment is equipped with a conditioning system providing a supply of fresh clean air. In addition, smoke outlets are installed for purposes of a fireplace in the apartments. Currently, the apartments have plastered walls and are prepared for finishing works. The functional room separation, 3 m ceilings, and the spacious premises allow for a flexible creation of different and unique interiors for different tastes. Upon client's desire, services of professional architects and interior designers are offered. The safety of residents is taken care by 24/7 security guards.

  • Kitchen appliances: not available
  • Additional equipment: fireplace
  • Storage room: available, almost all apartments have 1-2 cloakrooms that can be used as storage places for possessions; they are situated at bedrooms and their approximate area is 5 m2
  • Garden, land: available, only apartments on the 1st floor have a garden with the area 100 m2
  • House location: apartments are located towards all sides. In most cases, windows of all apartments are facing 2 sides
  • Replanning possibilities: available
  • Terraces: available, terraces, which exit from bathroom, have the area of 2.7-41 m2 in all apartments. The apartments on the top floor might have terraces all around the apartment, or more than one terrace – one at the guestroom and one, which is smaller, at the bedroom
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Project advantages: security, facilitated common area, reception
  • House advantages: controllable heating system, floor heating - heated floors, possible to set up a fireplace, fireplace, conditioners, land plot

Parking possibilities

The underground parking that can be accessed from Piebalgas street through remote control gates has 53 parking lots both for car and bicycle parking.

Surrounding environment

SUN TERRACES is situated 150 m from the Baltic sea shore on one of the most vibrant streets in Jurmala, just as the central cultural event venue in the summer season - the Dzintari concert hall. Nearby, one can find such famous restaurants as "Caviar Club" or "Beluga". In 2 km radius, there are the leading Spa and recreation centres with swimming pools and sport halls. The most popular choice - Baltic Beach Hotel - is at a distance of 1.5 km. In the direction of Riga, in 2.8 km, the Lielupes Secondary School that will provide excellent children education also for preschool age groups.

Public transportation
200 m
2.8 km
150 m
Shopping centre
5 km
Concert hall Dzintari
700 m
1.5 km
Restaurant street
1 km
Food store
500 m
2.8 km
150 m
Rating of building and development environment
Building rating implies assessment of used construction materials, appliances, interior decoration, outfit and equipment reflecting general value of the building hosting the dwelling against other new developments in Latvia.
  • Construction permit: 385
  • Architect: SIA "Kubs"
  • Builder: SIA "Merks"
  • Construction supervisor - Building supervisor: Gaļina Aleksandrova ( Nr. 20-772)

Technical information

  • Inner finishing level: fine finishing(puttied and primed walls; electrical wires connected to final outputs: sewerage and water supply in the bathrooms and in the kitchen; heat, water and electricity meters; exterior doors: windowsills)
  • Wall covering: plasterboards/partition wall construction with finsh
  • Floor covering: premises without floor covering
  • Ceiling finish: concrete lined
  • Ceiling height: > 2.8
  • Windows : double glazed wooden and alumninium sash windows
  • Interior door: wooden doors

Well-maintained building and territory

  • Lift: is modern
  • Underground parking places: 53
  • Staricase: house has security guards
  • Territory: territory is guarded
  • Attic: not available
  • Attic insulation: not available
  • Basement: underground parking
  • Mansard: not available
  • Common areas (for bycicles, pushchairs etc): not available
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements (wheelchair ramps available

Engineering networks

  • Water supply: central water supply
  • Sewerage: central sewerage
  • Heating: gas heating system - common for house
  • Ventilation and air conditioning: forced with recuperation

Building contructions

  • Building carcass type: monolithic reinforced concrete carcass
  • Building load-bearing constructions/walls: monolithic reinforced concrete carcass
  • Fundament: slab foundation
  • Partition walls: monolithic reinforced concrete carcass, carcass/plasterboards
  • Type of roof: flat roof
  • Roof covering: molten bitumen
  • Facade finishing materials: stone tile facade
  • Sound isolation: not available


  • Maintenance fee per month EUR/kvm: 1.5
  • Watter: 1 m3- 1,09 EUR
  • Electicity: 0,15 EUR/Kwh
  • other payments: sewerage m3- 1,07 EUR
Location rating
Location rating implies assessment of location, environment, surroundings, access roads, social environment and transport communication reflecting general value of the development's location against other new developments in Latvia.

Resort town Jūrmala - convenient transport solutions with a close distance to the capital Riga.

Riga centre
19 km
Old Town, Latvian National Opera
19 km
Riga Central Railway Station and Bus Station
21 km
Riga Passenger Terminal
20 km
Riga International Airport
16 km