Multi-residential building Avotu iela 5, Centrs, Rīga

Kvartāls 5/26

Riga — the north-European capital of Art Nouveau — a city whose historical center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Quarter 5/26 matches the classic cultural appearance of the capital.
The architecture of the buildings embodies the best traditions of the 20th century and the innovative solutions and trends of the modern architecture.

“Quarter 5/26” incorporates an ensemble of three buildings. Each building is an independent architectural work of its own and at the same time a part of a united trinity. During the attentive reconstruction process of the building, ornamental decor and stylized ethnographic motifs from 1905 were restored.

Using the newest technologies, the exterior of the houses was restored and the buildings were fully reconstructed.

The building was equipped with new utility networks:
– water supply and sewerage system with water meters inside the apartments;
– heating system with a separate remote-read water meter for each apartment;
– electric power system;
– electronic communications – low-voltage optical cable Tet (Baltcom also available).

44 apartments of different formats and sizes are available — from single room apartments of 30m² to multiple room apartments of 97m². The interior and layout of the apartments is based on the functional aspects of the modern way of living. Natural elements, high-quality textiles and finishing materials create a unique atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

The house is equipped with new engineer-technical networks, ventilation and power supply systems. These are decent size apartments with well-planned layouts: the kitchen combined with the living room, bedroom, bathroom, lobby with a space for the built-in closets.

The apartments are fully reconstructed, bathrooms are equipped with qualitative, modern design kitchen appliances and decorating materials:
– wooden windows;
– three-layer parquet flooring (nut/oak);
– stone tiles in the bathroom;
– shower cabin, Ideal Standart (Belgium) appliances, sinks with faucets.

Life at 5/26 Quarter is suitable for everyone who appreciates the benefits of the cultural city center.