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We will help you locate the best real estate for your residential and business needs.

At our fingertips we have an extensive database of all the offers across all Latvia (including offers that are not publicly available):

  • Apartments – standard-type apartments, exclusive apartments;
  • New builds – apartments in new projects, commercial premises, houses in new villages;
  • Houses – private houses, villas, homesteads, row houses;
  • Commercial objects – offices, retail or industrial premises, warehouses, etc.;
  • Land – land for private house development, commercial property development, agricultural land etc.


Real estate selection

Online browser

Based on our experience in selecting real estate for our clients, we have developed easy-to-use filters, which will help you easily navigate our wide database. Search for properties!

Individual property selection

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach or selection according to specific parameters, contact one of our real estate agents. From our wide database, they will find properties that match your criteria and will also be able to find you offers that are not publicly available. Contact a Latio agent!

Full service

According to your wishes we will provide full service that includes all kinds of support activities throughout the process - starting from the idea to the closing the sale.

Help and Advice from a Professional

We will find the perfect real-estate match and lead negotiations with the seller to reach the best possible outcome for your purchase.

Legal Support

Our agents in cooperation with our in-house real estate legal advisors will make sure that before signing the purchase agreement all important aspects and questions are raised and assessed. Latio legal advisors are always informed about the latest amendments and additions to the law.

Deal Processing

Latio will prepare all the necessary documentation for the notary and will arrange the registration at the Land Register as well as in other registers if applicable. 


We provide valuations for all types of real estate in Latvia. Find out more about valuations!  Latio valuations are recognized and accepted by all Latvian commercial banks. Latio is a member of the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers. Order an appraisal.

Purchase Financing

We will help you compile information about the best available options for financing your purchase. Latio is cooperating closely with all commercial banks in Latvia. 

Market Research

Latio is one of the leading real estate companies in Latvia, monthly, quarterly and yearly we prepare general real estate market overviews. If you are planning to make a long-term investment, we offer market analysis according to your needs, so that you can make the best possible decision.

Agent Commission

No agent commission! Latio works according to USA and Western-European practise, where the seller pays the agent’s commission.

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