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Latio related company Metrum offers the latest technologies and solutions for spatial planning.

Metrum is Latio related company that provides professional land surveying, spatial planning, survey and other spatial development related services since 2005.

Land surveying services by Metrum are used by individuals, entrepreneurs and investors from Latvia and other countries for:
  • Construction of detached houses;
  • Construction of apartment buildings;
  • Development of office buildings, multi-functional buildings, spatial development designs;
  • Planning of public objects development like airports, ports, urban space and buildings therein;
  • Establishment of roads, railway, etc.

Knowledge, technologies and expertise

All Metrum employees have a specialized expertise that enables them using modern technologies and equipment at their disposal carrying out accurate prospecting, surveying missions, aerial photography, etc. so that it could be realized in diverse maps (interactive, topographic maps, etc.) or visualized in 3D surface models or otherwise according to your requirements.

  • The Metrum team of professionals have participated in carrying out local and international commissions:
  • Development of three-dimensional model of Riga territory terrain 
  • Aerial photography and laser scanning of the Canary Islands
  • Development of Liepaja terrain and flood-relief model 
  • Drafting of sustainable development strategy for Kandava and Krimulda region 
  • Aerial laser scanning of Finnish territory, forests and road networks 
  • Digital surveying of JSC "Latvijas gaze" gas transmission pipeline network and the protective zones 
  • Development of Mezparks single-site topographic plan and many other large and significant projects.
Services provided by Metrum
  • Land use planning and monitoring of processes 
  • Aerial photography and digital information systems 
  • Land surveying and research 
  • Mapping 
  • Monitoring and management 
  • Spatial planning project management 
  • Photogrammetry

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Branches of Metrum across Latvia

Branches of Metrum are located across Latvia for your convenience to save your time and offer the best quality of services regardless of the place in Latvia where you are going to need those services.

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