Services to lessors, owners of residential property | Latio

We assist in letting real estate for private use.

We will help you find tenants to your property by letting an apartment, house or other property.

How we operate

Rental ad

Our brokers will draft a rental ad: take photos of the property, draft a professional description following the specifics of the rental market and advantages of your property.

Target audience

We will market to the best target audience for your property and use effective communication channels so that target audience can be reached. If you wish, your rental ad will not be publicly available but will be offered only to our current customers.


For your convenience we can arrange viewings of the property to potential tenants without needing you to be there and can introduce you only to those persons who will are seriously interested.

Processing of transaction

Our lawyers will ensure all the necessary documentation for signing a rental agreement and a deed of acceptance.

If you wish to enlist our services

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