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We will find the best buyer for your property.

We have been selling properties for over 20 years and our agents are specialized in closing the deal to the highest satisfaction of our customers; buyers and sellers. been the routine specialization of our agents for more than 20 years.

We are proud to have the largest professional team in Latvia who specialize in a wide range of real estate:
  • Apartments (apartments in standard-type houses, exclusive apartments, apartments in new projects etc.);
  • Houses (private houses, villas, homesteads etc.);
  • Commercial estate (office premises, warehouses, sheds, retail stores etc.);
  • Lands (agricultural lands, forests, land for development etc.).

Services for real estate sellers


Each client, property and transaction is individual. Therefore, the way we sell each property should also be individual. Our agents will help you finalise the most profitable (the best price- can’t say it will be profitable) transaction, saving your time and resources by consulting and helping you with all formalities.

Market research

Overviews of the Latvian real estate market are released by our team on a regular basis. If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis or market overview from a specific perspective we can provide with a customised report. Contact us

Legal support

Our expertise goes beyond finding buyers and saving you time. For no additional fee we provide legal support in processing the sale - we prepare contracts, acts of delivery and acceptance, as well as other necessary documents.


If you want to know the value of your property, contact our real estate appraisers. According to international valuation standards, we will determine the market value, the forced sale value or the possible cash-flow value of your property. Our real estate appraisers will consult you on making the most appropriate and profitable (best price? as above) decisions concerning your property.

How do we work?

Depending on your demands and expectations our agents can help you close the best possible deal and will lead you through the process from A to Z.

You can choose how much participation from Latio agents you want to have in the selling process

  • Selling price. Using a valuation of the property, market data and your own estimates, our agents will determine the right selling price for your estate/property.
  • Target audience. We will determine the profile of the potential buyer for your property, so that the most appropriate marketing strategies and channels would be used.
  • Process. We will help with high quality photos of the property; prepare descriptions and necessary information that would target potential buyers. We will follow up with interested buyers and if necessary make changes and improvements in marketing strategies.
  • Communication. For your convenience and time saving our agents will meet with the potential buyers to show your property and agree on the deal.
  • Deal processing. The Latio team has in-house legal advisors that will develop an appropriate property sales contract and will provide you with all kinds of legal support and consultations with regards to the property.

Agent commission

Like each deal, the agents commission for selling your property is also individual and dependent on several factors including the participation level in the selling process. Nevertheless the agent commission in our company is never higher than 5% of the transaction value.

Any advice before the transaction or throughout the collaborative process is free of charge. 

For more information, please contact one of our agents.



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