Multi-residential building Šķūņu iela 6, Vecrīga

Langeru Nams

A century and a half, enterprising pharmacists, the Langer brothers, purchased several properties in the Old Town between the Jaunavu iela, theMazā Monētu iela and Šķūņu iela. They combined and elegantly rebuilt them in accordance with a new understanding of status, quality of life and comfort in Riga, which had just been released from the fortification ramparts.

Even today, Langer House goes ahead of its time by combining unique historic property with modern rebuilding. With respect for the past, the testimony of the past centuries has been preserved. Along with the legacy of the past, the highest quality materials have been used to create a living space of the same quality.

Inspired by modern mobility and technology culture, Langer House owners have divided it into 30 compact studio apartments. At the same time, the ergonomic design and sophisticated solutions in each of them create a much wider sense of space and possibilities. The apartments will be sold with grey finishing. As part of the common space, the property also includes a very beautiful, enclosed courtyard.

Langer House is located in the heart of the Old Town. It is impossible to get even closer to so many restaurants and clubs, museums and entertainment venues. Convenient public transport is within walking distance of literally all directions - educational institutions, shopping malls and other areas of the capital. Shops, cafes, salons and everything else you need for life are right around the corner.

Riga Old Town has a unique, enduring value. Langer House also embodies these qualities.