Open House Day at Kr.Valdemara 69 on Saturday, 13 April



One of the most impressive buildings of the National Romanticism style, a sub-style of Art Nouveau, has been renovated in the very centre of Riga, at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street. Around 50 apartments are awaiting new residents in the historic rental house that has undergone renovation. They can be seen on-site during the Open House Day held by Latio on Saturday, 13 April, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The six-storey apartment building at Kr.Valdemāra Street, located in a block between Bruniņieku Street, Sporta Street, Vesetas Street and Zaubes Street, is part of one of the largest and most impressive building ensembles of National Romanticism in Riga, which comprises the building designed by the famous architect Eižens Laube on the corner of Kr.Valdemāra Street and Sporta Street, complemented by three buildings (69, 71 and 73 Kr. Valdemāra Street), designed by the architect Aleksandrs Vanags. The emphasis of the ensemble of this block of houses is its silhouette: the corner of each street is different, with small towers and weather vanes, while the house on the corner of Kr.Valdemāra Street and Zaubes Street features a clearly visible silhouette of the Latvian drying barn.


The house at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street was built in 1909. Its architect, Aleksandrs Vanags, is one of the most prominent personalities in the Riga architects’ constellation that shaped the distinctive face of the city centre in the early 20th century. Both the house at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street and the adjacent buildings are distinguished by monumental loftiness and steep roofs. Special attention is paid to the use of genuine, natural building materials in the exterior decoration of the buildings. The granite-carved support of the entry portal at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street has the shape of poles frequently used in folk wood construction, complemented by impressive bay windows, beautiful textured plaster, intermingling with smooth plates, facade decorations in the form of folk motifs and mosaic tiles, as well as roof towers with weather vanes.


The building at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street used to accommodate a residence hall and a library of the University of Latvia. Following the renovation of the building, which has resulted in the refurbishment of the facade of the house, staircase and utility systems, approximately 50 one- to four-room apartments ranging from 14 sq m to 91 sq m have been built in the house. The projections of the bay windows on the facade of the house and their specific, trapezoidal shape form an interesting, original layout of the apartments. The average ceiling height in the apartments is 2.9 m. The apartments are offered to the new residents in a grey-shell condition – the future owners will have the opportunity to choose the interior and finishing materials of the apartments so that they can decorate their dwellings as they desire. The average price of the apartments is 1,700 EUR/sq m. New apartment owners can also buy storage space in the basement (400 EUR/sq m).

All utility systems have been renovated in the building, including the water supply, sewerage, electricity and heating systems. Each apartment is equipped with individual heat meters and district heating. The beautiful staircase was given a second life as a result of renovation work: its historic interior has been preserved, refurbishing the original wooden doors, historic floor tiles and forged metal rails with wooden handrails. The National Romanticism ceiling painting on the ground floor of the facade house has also been restored. The house is managed by the company Latvijas Namsaimnieks, and the management fee is 0.55 EUR/sq m + VAT. There is also a well-designed cobbled courtyard with bicycle racks available for the residents.

The building at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street is situated on a prime location: there are not only educational and cultural establishments within arm’s reach, but also facilities for more active or relaxed leisure. Moreover, a new, modern business quarter will be built close by, in the sections of Skolas, Bruņinieku and Kr.Valdemāra Streets, where Kimmel - Riga’s oldest brewery founded in 1815 - used to be located. The ancient, historic buildings of the quarter with unique beer cellars protected as cultural heritage will be complemented by modern architecture. The 50,000 sq m of the Kimmel Quarter will offer the most essential urban amenities for modern workplaces: conference centres will be built along with offices in addition to a spacious public dining area, a fitness centre, a hotel, a kindergarten and many other amenities that will provide the office employees and other visitors with the comfort they need.

Elīna Dūce, Real Estate Transaction Manager at Latio: “People opt for apartments at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street for two reasons: some choose them as a place of residence in the vibrant centre of Riga, while others see good prospects for their long-term investment, preparing apartments for rent, because new workplaces will be created in the vicinity. The examples worth mentioning are the office building Place Eleven and the Kimmel Quarter that will definitely generate a sustained demand for rental apartments in this historic house. For families with children, it will be important to have access to a number of good schools nearby: Riga Secondary School No. 49, Riga Hansa Secondary School, Riga French Lycée, and kindergartens.

In the neighbourhood of the renovated house, there is also Arena Riga, a concert and sports venue, the Olympic Centre offering different sports activities and an indoor swimming pool, as well as a wide variety of venues for culture and arts events: the new creative industries quarter Sporta 2 with co-working space for start-ups TechHub Riga, Slow Food markets, and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre. Just a 5-minute walk away, there is the café/culture space Autentika, where you can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also discover some lesser-heard musicians. A 10-minute walk away, there is Carl von Stritzky Villa and the Piens Club. There are also plenty of opportunities for theatre lovers, such as the Dailes Theatre, the New Riga Theatre, and the Royal Improvisation Theatre. In other words, creative industries are in full swing in the neighbourhood, and it is good to be in the thick of them, as the story of the 21st century is about inspiration and ideas!”

Apartment in the building at 69 Kr.Valdemāra Street is an inspiring place for those who appreciate the urban dynamics and the historic charm!

Learn more about the project and the apartments here!