Good real estate agent vs a bad real estate agent

Find out what differentiates a good real estate agent from a bad agent.


  • Good agent. Cooperation starts with a one on one consultation, during which the agent will listen to your needs so that they (important not to use he) can suggest offers that meet your requirements and weigh up the pros and cons of each property.
  • Bad agent. Will offer as many offers as possible that more or less suit your requirements, in this manner hoping for a quick and simple deal.

Complicated questions

  • Good agent. We will never say: „I don’t know”, instead the agent will find the necessary information to answer the question or direct you to the competent people specializing in the topic – give contact information and so on. 
  • Bad agent. Will say that they do not know or share their opinion about which he is not certain.

Information processing

  • Good agent. The agent will look into each important issue, examine all the documentation and ask other professionals from the team to participate, e.g. legal advisor, valuer, if that is necessary.
  • Bad agent. Will not examine the offers in-depth.

Attitude towards clients.

  • Good agent. We’re commited to our customers needs’. We will treat you as a valued customer.
  • Bad agent. Will perceive you as a source of profit.


  • Good agent. We will keep track of everything.
  • Bad agent. Will perceive you as a source of profit.

Agent role

  • Good agent. Throughout the process it will be clear why it is so good to have a real estate agent. 
  • Bad agent. Throughout the process it will be clear that the agent participation does not add value or comfort, rather hinders the transaction. 

Time saving

  • Good agent. A good agent will help you save a considerable amount of time. They will take care of all details, so that you just have to listen, evaluate, ask questions and make decisions. 
  • Bad agent. You will not feel that time is being saved, because the agent will seem nothing more than an intermediary.

Working hours

  • Good agent.Will accommodate to your schedule to visit properties and also after working hours or on weekends.
  • Bad agent. Will expect you to accommodate to his schedule and be reluctant to visit properties after working hours or on weekends.

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